Vice Minister Zou Zhiwu Chairs a Seminar on Cross-border E-commerce Customs Procedure in Ningbo


On June 9, 2017, Vice Minister Zou Zhiwu, General Administration of Customs chaired a seminar on cross-border e-commerce customs procedures in Ningbo, China. 


The seminar heard briefings by Hangzhou Customs and Ningbo Customs respectively about the status quo, existing problems and way forward of Customs control over cross-border e-commerce.


Vice Minister Zou stressed that China Customs should actively participate in the work to develop international standard on customs control over cross-border e-commerce, accommodate the needs of new trade form, enhance strategic thinking, take task-oriented and problem-based approaches, strike the right balance between effective control and efficient operation. In addition, he also emphasized the need to focus on flexible control supported by pre-arrival information and complemented with post clearance inspection and other comprehensive approaches, and build a more competitive customs control mechanism for cross-border e-commerce, so as to amplify China Customs’ voice and influence in international rule-making.