Hangzhou Customs Quickly Clears Cross-Border E-Commerce Exports


In the morning of November 16, 2017, Xiaoshan Airport Customs, a subordinate Customs office to Hangzhou Customs made the last inspection of 17 tons of cross-border e-commerce goods to be exported to Novosibirsk, Russia. 


In August 2017, Zhejiang Province launched its first intercontinental postal chartered air-route “Hangzhou-Novosibirsk” as one of local projects under the “Belt and Road” Initiative. According to statistics, by November 15, 2017, Hangzhou Customs has processed over a total of 847.3 tons of cross-border e-commerce goods transported by this air route.


To ensure smooth export to Russia, Hangzhou Customs visited e-commerce and logistics companies repeatedly to understand their requirements regarding clearance and offer relevant help. According to an employee of China Postal Express & Logistics Company, this air route increased to weekly 5 round-trip flights in November from 3 flights in August 2017 and the Customs set up a special service window to facilitate the clearance processes with much simpler and fewer formalities.