“A Good Start” for Cross-Border E-Commerce in Ningbo Bonded Zone


According to Ningbo Customs’ latest statistics, the number of import declarations processed by Customs in the first quarter of 2017 reached 5.656 million, with a value of CNY 1.05 billion, and grew by 10.5% and 8.2%, respectively, on a year-on-year basis. Ningbo Bonded Zone’s cross-border e-commerce had “a good start”. 


Ningbo Bonded Zone is among China’s first pilot parks for cross-border e-commerce imports. Since the beginning of pilot operations in November 2013, Ningbo Customs has been strengthening its application of technologies and continuously optimizing its control and services, which has laid a solid foundation for Ningbo Bonded Zone to build a main platform for the development of Ningbo’s cross-border e-commerce as well as a “demonstration zone” for developing cross-border e-commerce of the whole country.


In recent years, Ningbo Customs has been continuously innovating its control and services, implementing a new control model of “centralized inspection, scattered warehousing and multiple check-points release”, and realizing information-based control of the whole process, which has both enabled traceability of goods and effectively improved efficiency of e-commerce. It has also actively provided guidance on warehousing enterprises’ expansion and upgrading of their warehousing and logistics, which allowed the cross-border warehousing model to expand from the original “public warehousing” to “public warehousing plus private warehousing”. Cross-border warehouses cover an area of 350,000m2 at the moment. According to officers in charge of Bonded Zone Customs, a subordinate Customs office to Ningbo Customs, “we often motivate the whole Customs and work overtime during the Singles’ Day and other big sale days to ensure a fast inspection and release of parcels.” 


With vigorous support from the Customs and other regulators, the cross-border e-commerce business environment of Ningbo Bonded Zone has been continuously improving, which has allowed it to start cooperating with Tmall Global, US-based retail giant COSTCO and Amazon successively, and attract kaola.com, mia.com and other leading e-commerce operators. There are over 500 pilot cross-border e-commerce operators in Ningbo Bonded Zone so far.  




Ningbo Customs carrying out inspection at a special warehouse of cross-border e-commerce goods